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    1Who is a member of Fathers Union?
    A member of Fathers Union is a person that has been wedded in Church of Uganda. This is married person
    2How do i Join Fathers Union?
    After being wedded/married and fellowship with Church of Uganda for a period of 6 months. A person completes the form from Diocese and a certificate is issued on installation/okuyingizibwa mu kibiina. This is usually done during the celebration of St. Peter's day at Parish/Sub-Parish level
    3Does Fathers Union just have to be just a member?
    A member of Fathers Union is involved in the Union activities like meetings, Church ministry of spreading gospel, involvement in other mission activities like Games, Sports, participating in St. Peter's day celebrations and Union activities
    4Do i pay to become a member?
    Each member is required to pay yearly/periodic membership subscription. This can come with a membership ID or just membership.
    5How do i get a Fathers Union ID?
    A fathers union ID costs 50,000 and its for a period of four years. Its obtained through the chairpersons at the different levels i.e. Subparish, Parish, Archdeaconry, Diocesan Level
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